gf1420691963xHi, World!  I am Haemori, CD.

I had been sick for roughly and was down with a high fever for the past 2 days.  I usually lose my appetite while sick, however A tasty dish with hot Japanese green tea helped my body recover quickly.  That is Ochazuke. Ochazuke is a light dish in which hot Japanese green tea is poured over cooked white rice topped with a few simple ingredients. It is the unique style of eating at a global level, and a “you make it at the table” kind of thing. You probably won’t find it on the menu at restaurants, especially outside Japan.

In Japan, we have a similar dish known as Okayu that we have it when we are sick or do not feel like eating.  You can feel Okayu through your body while eating Okayu. This particular dish was originally populaized by apprentices in Edo period in order to have cold rice more tasty and get a meal quick.  It had spread as fast food and then has known as instant Ochazuke seasoning packets which includes rice crackers, seaweed, and salty seasonings.  Now you will get it easily at convenience stores or grocery stores.  People from Kyoto, where has been the center of Japanese green tea market, used to have Ochazuke.  More information, the health effect of Ochazke is scientifically proved.  In research, to bind protein contained in rice increases the amount of catechins available for the body to absorb.  It shows that Japanese green tea cured Shogun; a hereditary commander-in-chief in feudal Japan. Japanese green tea has always been around us, fitted our lifestyle, and more supported our wellness.  More information, the helthest and the most delicious you tast Ochazuke, is topped with a pickled plum and baked salmon with.  Either of you is fan of Japanese green tea or not yet will have good experiences with this Japanese dish Ochazuke.

Ichiro Haemori -CD, Wabi・Sabi, Inc.