A Green Color









I’ve been interested in a green color since I started to sell Green Tea or Matcha to all over the world.  I focus a green color thing like green tea’s green, The Incredible Hulk, St Patrick’s Day, natural green and so on.  Today I was driving to a mountain during my break time.  Our office is in Nagaokakyo-shi of a suburb Kyoto.  There is a mountain nearby and takes 15min by car to get there.  It’s said that Nagaokakyo City is one of the place where the setting of Taketori Monogatari is.  The Taketori Monogatari(The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter) has been made since 1000 years ago, and it’s the oldest Story in Japan.  There is a bamboo forest in Nagaokakyo City, and the bamboo forest is appeared in the story of Taketori.  I was driving to the top of a mountain through the bamboo forest and got relaxed there. It was so nice.  This is one of my recommendation places in Kyoto.


Yuya Shibata -CEO, Wabi・Sabi, Inc.