Autumn in Kyoto


kiyomizu1Hello, there.  I am Haemori, Creative Director.

In US famous travel magazine Travel+leisure, Kyoto city was selected as the world’s best cities in 2015 for the second year in a row.  We are greatly honored to receive this 1st award prize as well.  In Kyoto, you will be able to enjoy the real Kyoto. Historical structures which are more than 2,000 shrines and temples were established, and still exist.  Nice cuisine like vegetarian cuisine called Shoujin Ryouri which is originally derived from the dietary restrictions of Buddhist monks.  Lucky opportunity with Geisha who is a traditional Japanese hostess. Now in October, Kyoto is the best season for sightseeing. Fall leaves!  The beauty of colored leaves gives you more impressive experiences.  We hope all of you will visit Kyoto and enjoy beautiful fall leaves.  In case you do not come this season, We will try to transmit information about fabulous fall season via this website.  We hope you will visit our website and check great amount of information.

Uji green tea such a top of Japanese green tea which is always served with high quality cuisine in Kyoto.  Our product Uji green tea is ready for your order!  We are glad that you will have experience the mind and taste of Japan.

“We truly promise to detoxify your mind and body”

Ichiro Haemori -CD, Wabi・Sabi, Inc.