Benefits of Genmaicha (Brown rice tea)

What is the efficacy of brown rice tea? Ideal for dieting and prevention of cold

There are many teas that are said to be effective for health and diet, but if you drink anything, delicious tea is good. Moreover, one of the tea that you want to keep because you can expect effects and efficacy on diet and prevention of cold. This time we will introduce the efficacy of excellent brown rice tea! Brown rice tea is a tea made by blending the same amount of roasted brown rice into green tea. The fragrance is attractive.While maintaining the health effects of Sencha and Bancha, grains such as unpolished rice are added, so the contained nutrients are increasing. Compared with green tea, this tea has a disadvantage that the concentration of contained ingredients becomes thin, so there is less umami. But that is also an advantage of suppressing astringency. Also, this tea has less caffeine content than green tea. So from children to elderly people can drink safely. ※ It is not zero caffeine

Component and efficacy of the Brown rice tea

γ (gamma) – oryzanol

γ-oryzanol is a kind of polyphenol contained in unpolished rice, which is a raw material of brown rice tea, and it has the function of preventing obesity and diabetes.

In addition, it has a function to reduce bad cholesterol, and it can be expected to prevent arteriosclerosis


GABA is a kind of amino acid and has a function to suppress increase of cholesterol and neutral fat.

In recent years, it has been attracting attention because there is a relaxing effect, but because it has a function to suppress adrenergic secretion and control blood pressure, it is certified as a food for specified health use.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a vitamin with a strong antioxidant activity, promoting circulation and preventing aging. 

Vitamin essential for anti-aging so-called “rejuvenating vitamin” is useful for prevention and improvement of beautiful skin effect and lifestyle-related diseases.

Vitamin B group

Vitamin B group abundantly contained in brown rice is an indispensable nutrient not only for anti-aging but also for keeping health.

It has a function to help metabolism. It has an effect of preventing anemia and promoting growth including fatigue recovery effect.

Vitamin C

Sencha and Bancha tea blended with the Brown rice tea contain abundant vitamin C which is known to have whitening effect and antioxidant action.

It is a component that supports generation of collagen, improves skin tightness, enhances immunity, and also prevents colds.


Catechin, a type of polyphenol, has strong antioxidant and antimicrobial activity and has the effect of protecting the body against viruses such as colds and bacteria.

In addition, it suppresses the increase of cholesterol and body fat, prevents obesity, and works to suppress the rise of blood glucose level.


It is a taste component of tea, theanine which is one kind of amino acid has a function to suppress the excitement of the brain, and it has an effect to enhance relaxation effect and concentration.

It also helps to improve uncomfortable symptoms such as prenatal irritation and feeling of depression unique to women.

Brown rice tea is recommended for those perple!.

People who care about lifestyle diseases.
People who prone to constipation.
People who get tired easily.
People who has a lot of Stress.

People who want to diet

Brown rice tea contains γ (gamma) – oryzanol which has the function of suppressing absorption of cholesterol and preventing obesity.

Also, because it contains well-balanced “water-soluble dietary fiber” and “insoluble dietary fiber” which are lacking in irregular eating habits, those who are conscious of diet, as well as those who are easily constipated It is recommended.

For anti-aging

Brown rice tea is rich in vitamin E and catechin to prevent aging of the skin, so it is best for anti-aging!

Vitamin C essential for spot prevention and collagen generation, and vitamin B group are also taken at the same time, so it is one of the tea which should be actively drink.

For lifestyle disease prevention

It seems that nearly two thirds of Japanese people are dying from lifestyle diseases including diabetes and stroke. However, γ – oryzanol and GABA contained in brown rice tea have the effect of preventing them.

Of course, it is most important to review bad habits, but brown rice tea also helps to improve lifestyle diseases.

For irritation and stress

GABA included in brown rice has the effect of increasing the brain wave “alpha wave” that comes out when in a relaxed state. It is known that stress is alleviated when ingested.  Also, since theanine has a high relaxing action, let’s have a breath relieved with Brown rice tea when there is a feeling of tension or anxiety.

To restore fatigue

Brown rice, a raw material of brown rice tea, contains plenty of vitamins and minerals that tend to be short for modern people.

Especially vitamin B group is indispensable for fatigue recovery. If your tiredness is difficult to recover, please try adjusting the physical condition with brown rice tea.

How was it?

I think that relaxing when drinking tea is also a matter of mood, but it is also a function of a component with a relaxing effect.

If you are busy with work or housework, you may not be able to take time to brew tea very slowly. But brown rice tea has one of the charmsthat if you brew it with boiled waterin rush andimproperly still it is tasty.

Besides, there are cosmetic effects and health effects, even if it is chilled, it is delicious so please try it!


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