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  • Product Profile

    Japan Detox Tea contains minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, and zinc. It also contains flavonoids which acts as an antioxidant to prevent your body from aging.

    The best thing of all, Japan detox tea is caffeine-free. Therefore, expectant mothers     and children can drink and it can also be taken before going to bed.

  • How many cups does 2.4oz(70g) make? 

    A cup of tea for 0.14oz(4g). It can be made 3 times from 4g. It means, makes more than     50 cups from 2.4oz(70g) package. USD$16 for a package. BUY NOW—>

  • How to brew a cup of detox tea

    1. Put 4g detox tea leaves into a teapot

    2. Pour 300ml(10fl oz) boiled water 100°C

       (212°F) into the teapot

    3. Wait for 30 seconds to extract

  • Benefits

    +Be a natural beauty


    +Beautiful skin

    +Relieves Constipation and Swelling

    +Relieves Menstrual Irregularity and Cramps and more…

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  • Taste / Flavor

    +Sweet but peculiar taste of tea.

    +Refreshing aftertaste.

    +Rich and mellow flavor similar to Assam tea.

     Fragrance ★★★★★
     Sweet ★★★★
     Astringency ★



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