If you want to whiten your teeth, let’s use green tea! There is no need for a commercial mouse wash anymore!

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As part of oral hygiene practice, there are a lot of people using mouthwashes to rinse their mouth.

It seems to be used for reasons such as breath freshening, suppression of bacteria propagation in the mouth, inflammation, periodontal disease, the effect of preventing deterioration of tooth decay can be expected.

However, it is not well known that many of the mouthwashes on the market actually have no effect.

Rather, there are things that harm your health!

According to a study published by Bremen University in Germany, They found that using mouthwash more than three times a day every day increases the risk of cancer in the mouth and throat.

In addition, we found that many mouthwashes contain ingredients known to have an adverse effect on the body.

Can green tea whiten your teeth? Here is the answer

Methyl salicylate

Taking this scientific chemical a full spoon leads to severe toxicity. Overdose can cause hypotension, vomiting, blindness and many other health hazards.


Alcohol will dry inside the mouth, causing bad breath. The paper published in the medical journal in Australia also points out the relationship between alcohol, mouth cancer and throat tumor.


This bactericidal ingredient is often used by a dentist to constrict blood vessels.

However, according to a paper published in the scientific journal “Free Radical Biology and Medicine”, it was found that mouthwash containing chlorhexidine could cause high blood pressure and heavy heart disease.

These malignant side effects happen just by using mouthwash twice a day.

P-hydroxybenzoic acid ester

Several studies have also pointed out the association between paraoxybenzoic acid esters (balavens) and breast cancer, which are found in many of deodorants and cosmetics.


If you touch the bactericidal component contained in the mouthwash for a long time, it may interfere with the nervous system.

In short, it is not advisable to use mouthwash every day.

But these naturally occurring side effects that do not have such horrible side effects can keep your mouth clean!

Research papers have been published that certain foods can naturally improve the oral environment.

In the experiments, patients with periodontal disease continued this special meal for a while.

The experiment participants ate a lot of fruits, potatoes, whole grain flour products, legumes, several root vegetables and brushed their teeth regularly every day.

Then, from the experimental results, it turned out that healthy diet leads to a better oral environment!

Can green tea whiten your teeth? Here is the answer

In addition, we discovered that if you taste for 10 minutes with green tea, you can reduce the bacteria causing plaque in large quantities.

Studies have shown that green tea is more effective than chlorhexidine in existing mouthwashes.

Can green tea whiten your teeth? Here is the answer

Rinse mouth with green tea, and diet rich in fruits and vegetables is not only a way to prevent the ingestion of harmful chemicals found in mouthwashes, it is a healthy habit to take in daily life.