Chagashi – An essential factor to enhance the flavor of the tea-


幸楽屋 金魚鉢うちわひがし


  Chagashi, often served at tea ceremonies, are an essential factor to enhance the flavor of the tea. In Chanoyu, there are two kinds of Chagashi.

  Omogashi are sweets with volume that use anko and gyuhi, no use of fat or oil, a soft confectionery made with rice flour. Left side of picture

  The other, Higashi, are hard, dry sweets that are made with sugar and flour. Some examples of higashi are rakugan and konpeito. Right side of picture

  Since they’re made in the image of the season, they’re very detailed and are often beautiful like works of art. Also, their names are taken from places like haiku, tanka, Japanese aesthetic themes, history, and place names, so these sweets are overflowing with information that helps the eater’s imagination flow. When you try wagashi, please think about where its name might come from. It is a chance to learn about ancient Japan’s culture and traditions.


Yuya Shibata-CEO, Wabi・Sabi, Inc.