Comparing Japan detox tea with dead leaves


Hello, everyone. 

We made and uploaded a new video on WabiSabi Youtube channel! In this time, we have compared Japan detox tea with dead leaves. A new product “Japan detox tea” starts selling from Dec 1st. Our boss picked up some dead leaves on the street. Which one is good? Before you watch it, you know the answer? I don’t think so. This video may be kind of to learn the beginning of green tea history. A person who found green tea for the first time has tried to taste a lot of dead leaves like us. This video is kind of joking. But it’s an important thing for us. And if you want to learn the history of green tea deeply, this video should be good. Anyway, watch and understand what I mean. Check it out!

Anyway, watch and understand what I mean. Check it out!

We are going to make the next video and upload it on Dec 14th. The title of the next video is “Grasshopper”. Are you excited to watch it? We hope you’re looking forward to watching it.

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