Beach season is on and your skin has to adjust to the new climate. It is very important to avoid too much sun exposure or else, you will make your skin looks tired, dehydrated and pale. One of the best ways to make sure your skin stays smooth and hydrated is using a scrub to exfoliate and moisturize. And while we start shopping for those stylish swimsuits, finding summer hairstyles trends and hunting for summer skin products, we are going to share with you a very easy recipe for a homemade scrub that promises to give your skin a gorgeous summer glow.


  What is the miracle ingredient in it? Green Tea of course. Matcha is amazing for your skin due to its rich content in vitamins and antioxidants. You will also need sugar, one of the ingredients usually found in most scrubs, green tea leaves (for some extra exfoliation), coconut oil and some peppermint oil! 



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  This Green Tea scrub will detox and exfoliate your skin while keeping it moisturized for hours and protected from the harmful effects of the sun and dryness of the summer. Moreover, the peppermint oil will revive your senses and energize you. You can use it once or twice a week in your shower, rubbing your body with circular motions and emphasizing on your dry areas. It feels and smells amazing!



1 cup white sugar
2 tbsp Matcha powder (don’t use expensive ceremonial grade matcha)
1 tbsp green tea leaves (you can simply use the content of 2 teabags)
1/4 cup coconut oil
a few drops of peppermint oil



In a large bowl combine the sugar, matcha and green tea leaves together. Add your coconut oil and peppermint oil and with a wooden spoon and mix well until the dry ingredients are covered in oil. You can add more oil if you like your scrub to be more moisturizing. Store in an air-tight container for up to 1 month (or 2 months if refrigerated).

Let’s enjoy the heat!!!


Have you ever tried Matcha in your beauty regimens? How was it? We would love to know!