DIY Green Tea Bath Salts

Drinking tea and bathing are both important habits in Japanese culture.Since we take a bath every day, you can find tons of kinds of bath salts at stores and many of them have beautiful colors and scents,which means chemical substances are used in most of them. Once your body absorbs a chemical substance, it could become toxic and it is really hard to excrete it from your body. It would be nice to know what is in the product you are using but it’s not always easy to find out all the ingredients they use. So, why not making your own? Green tea is one perfectly suitable ingredient as bath salts. What benefits can we expect for using green tea as bath salts?


Healthy skin                                      

Catechin in green tea has antibacterial and antioxidant compounds and they could kill acne bacteria. Catechin  also removes excess oil on your body so it’s helpful to prevent other skin troubles. Catechin works in conjunction with a substance called saponin to softens your dead skin and make it easier to remove it.

Cures athlete’s foot

Many men and women are suffering from athlete’s foot because it doesn’t cure easily. Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that usually itches and oozes feet, but other parts in the body can get infected too. Again, the antibacterial qualities in catechin could kill the trichophyton fungus, the fungus that causes athlete’s foot, and it could help itchiness and the ooze. It might not work when you have serious symptoms, but when you feel something weird on your feet, it’s definitely worth a try.



Green tea has a refreshing scent and the catechin eliminates and prevent bad body odor. You don’t want to take a bath in summer because it’s just too hot? Well because it’s too hot, you really should take a bath with green tea bath salts.


How to make it by yourself

It’s so simple. Drink and enjoy green tea and save the tea leaves. Put the used up tea leaves in the bath tub and done!! You might want to put the leaves in a cloth or something so that they won’t clog drains.


Maybe you usually just shower, not bathe. Or you might not have a nice size bath tub in your place. Even  so, don’t be disappointed. Just grab a bowl and put the green tea leaves in it, and rinse your face, feet or other area that you have trouble with. This could be a nice home remedy and you feel great for recycling the leaves and make the best of them!



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