Why doesn’t Yunomi have a handle?


Hello, everyone!

Today, we are going to explain why Yunomi doesn’t have a handle.
Almost cups have a handle because you cannot hold it without a handle. It’s an important part. But why doesn’t it have a handle?


Because to know a temperature of green tea. 

It’s very simple thing. What you can hold the cup is that you can drink it. That’s why it doesn’t have a handle. And The temperature of green tea is a very important thing when you learn the tea flavor. Find yours, and Find your tea flavor.

For a beginner or a gift, we have Japanese tea box in which everything you need to start green tea. It contains:

10g Gyokuro Grade A

10g Sencha Grade A

6g Hojicha Grade A


Tea Caddy (tea container)

Bamboo Spoon

Those green tea are made in Uji/Kyoto, Japan. The teapot and the bamboo spoon are made in Gifu prefecture, Japan. Tea Caddy is made in Shizuoka, Japan. All of the products made in Japan. Please check it out! If you buy it for a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, family and etc, please let us know. We do gift-wrap!

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