Drink Sencha



I drunk a cup of Sencha while I took a breather.  Sencha originated in Uji city, Kyoto, as with Matcha and Gyokuro.

Sencha originated with Soen Nagatani over 300 years ago.  Sencha became a great hit all over Japan because of its good flavor. Compare to Matcha, it tastes more astringent or bitter.

I made a bowl of Sencha with warm water, not boiling water as I felt tired.

Each Japanese green tea has recommended water temperature, so it is a critical factor in bringing out the best qualities of Japanese green tea.  However Sencha is a rare green tea to enjoy flavors depending on water temperatures.  With boiling water, tastes stronger and more bitter. With warm water, tastes milder.

It would be interesting to change water temperature sometimes up to your feelings and enjoy different tastes of Sencha.


Yuya Shibata -CEO, Wabi・Sabi, Inc.