[Experience] Comparing Hojicha and Grasshopper tea.

Hello, everyone.

We uploaded a new video on WabiSabi Youtube Channel! The title is “comparing Hojicha and Grasshopper tea”.(We don’t have the grasshopper tea, by the way.) Why we compare WabiSabi tea and odd tea. Because we are very curious about tea history and how early people was able to find a green tea. It is said that God found a green tea in the 27th century B.C and he would have tried to make a green tea using by dead leaves, the insects, and so on. We want to follow his trajectory, so we try to make a cup of tea with some material. 

Roasted AA

WabiSabi Hojicha:

We used Hojicha Grade AA in this time. the Hojicha is made in Uji/Kyoto, Japan. The Hojicha is blended with some green tea and roast it. 

Fragrance: ★★★★★
Taste/Flavor: ★★★★★
Astringency: None
Color: ★★★
Shape: ★★★★

As the above, aroma is very strong. Taste/Flavor is very smooth and flat. We introduce some reviews from our customer. 

Nicole ★★★★

Good! The taste is very flat, and it’s very inexpensive. 4 stars, because they have only up to 3oz. To be honest, I want more.


Elijah ★★★★★

I love this tea and greatly appreciate getting it got a better price than at my local market.

If you’re interested in it, please check it out!



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