Genmaicha Tea  – A Unique Green Tea –





  Genmaicha Tea is obviously one of Japanese Green Tea.

  We guess even tea lovers hardly know it is made in ONLY JAPAN. It is a unique tea even you try to find similar one around the world. So what is Genmaicha Tea?

   As already you know, Uji is the birthplace of Japanese Green Tea, and its tea is one of the highest quality brands throughout Japan. Our Genmaicha is Uji Kabusecha (a kind of Gyokuro) combined with roasted brown rice. That means less caffeine than other Japanese Green Tea so that children or elders can enjoy drinking. Of course, the authentic Uji Tea makes you smack your lips at lower price.

  Next, nutrients in Genmaicha Tea. Here, the stunning point is γ-Aminobutyric Acid aslo called GABA in brown rice. It has been shown to help prevent Arteriosclerosis or Diabetes mellitus. While Japanese Green Tea is high in an antioxidant called Catechins.

  Its mild sweetness and slightly nutty taste doesn’t bother you during meals. You would get health benefits anytime you have time expect sleeping.

   Above the all, Genmaicha Tea might be a good one to start your Japanese Green Tea experience if you haven’t tried any Japanese Green Tea ever.



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