Happy Thanksgiving <3


  give tanks お茶 クッキー

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner! Are you going to gather and relax with your family, or join a party with friends? Get ready for cook or any gifts?

I hardly missed my family or friends in Japan while I lived in the US, but I just did around this time Thanksgiving Day. We don’t have this holiday in Japan. On the point that spending time with loved ones, I can say the New Year might be a similar one. During the first three days of New Year, especially the Imperial Family, they customarily get together and pray for good health as drinking *Sencha with pickled plum or kelp. *Sencha is the most common Japanese green tea. This is said to bring them good luck.

Probably, it would be nice to have Japanese green tea or Mathca desserts sitting on sofa, and be considerate of family members this time. Just feel calm and talk to family. Eventually, whole Turkey with Japanese green tea or Matha drinks might be a good combination?!

Hopefully, you will have a bowl of Japanese green tea or Matcha with you on this Thanksgiving Day, and get much closer to family or friends. Oops! Now I miss my family so muuuuuch!


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