Humans of Wabi・Sabi Tea #1



Couple: From Canada
Tried: Genmaicha and Hojicha

They did skiing in Furano, Hokkaido and now visiting Kyoto.
A nice guy goes off drinking any kinds of Tea, because of their smell or taste.
A lovely lady likes drinking Tea, not especially Japanese Green Tea though.

Smells like roasted popcorn and tastes also good. She likes it.
Hard to try with grassy smell for him.

Hojicha (Roasted):
Taste and smell are good, but she likes Genaicha more.
He barely drunk but he did try it!!

Overall, it seems to take a while to be a Tea lover…. Hojicha (Roasted) is the first step for those who are not familiar with the taste of green tea.
We appreciate your kindness and bravery!! You are the very first interviewee for this project. Thank you so much 🙂 <3