Humans of Wabi・Sabi Tea #3

Lucila, Maxi, Pablo, Paola from Argentina

They went to Uji for Tea Ceremony and they liked it. Maxi bought Konacha with Matcha. Now they are excited for skiing in Hiroshima.
Argentine usually drink Mate which is prepared by steeping dried leaves in hot water with a metal straw.

Lucila tried Genmaicha and Roasted, and both she and her boyfriend Pablo choose Roasted Tea for the best Japanese Green Tea. Bitter taste is the key for them.
Genamaicha has too strong flavor for Paola, and her boyfriend Maxi tells us it tastes like rice. He might have a refined plate. Genmaicha is Green Tea combined with brown rice. Gyokuro is their favorite for its soft taste.

Their background of Mate gives the best tea for drinking. Strong and unique taste are not welcome. Actually, our stereotype that people like to drink smooth or soft flavor like Gyokuro has changed after talking with them.

So many men, so many favorites.