June Has Come!

Today’s temperature in Kyoto is 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit). Summer is definitely approaching. The new month June is a month that rains a lot in Japan. It gets hotter and humid because of the rain. 

Chagashi is Japanese confectionery that often served with tea. As one of our earlier blog posts ,Chagashi-An essential factor to enhance the flavor of  the tea mentions, each chagashi is usually made in the image of a season. Mizu-yokan is suitable to enjoy at this time of the year. Yokan is a red bean jelly and Mizu-yokan is one kind. “Mizu” means “water” in Japanese, so mizu-yokan is softer and more moist, and less sweet than usual yokan. And it goes with both hot and iced green tea beautifully!

Enjoy the refreshing Mizu-yokan with high quality Uji tea!!