Just drink, it works for a tired mind and body! Seven amazing indications of Hojicha

Efficacy 1: Relax with the scent power of Hojicha

When you drink Hojicha, it is said that the brain enters relaxation mode by the effect of the Theanine.

Even if you do not drink Hojicha, just smell that scent has the same relaxing effect as when you drank. What is the secret of this fragrance ingredient?

By roasting tea leaves slowly, fragrance components called Pyrazine confined in green tea will be drawn out.

In order to maximize the relaxation effect of Hojicha tea, we recommend that you brew with freshly boiled hot water in order to produce a smell of Hojicha.

If you do, you can expect the double relaxation effect with the original fragrance of Hojicha plus the original ingredient of tea.

Efficacy 2: Refreshing morning, effective for waking up! Easy, delicious, how to make roasted tea soy latte

If you are dulled from the morning, you will not get well at the beginning of the day.  Have a good sleep is an important thing.

Even though I know that it is important, when I watch a computer or smartphone at night, I often tend to not fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the night.

However, when you drink Hojicha, you will be able to wake up quickly in the morning.

Hojicha has a function to improve the quality of sleep.

Compared with green tea, black tea, coffee, etc., Hojicha contains less caffeine, but contains  the Theanine with a high relaxation effect.

When going to bed, if you will feel “I would like to relax a bit”, how about Hojicha Soy latte?


How to make Hojicha soy latte that makes you sleep well if you drink before going to bed

① Boil 100 cc of water and 300 cc of soymilk in a small pan

② Put 3 teaspoons of Hojicha and boil 2 minutes by low heat

③ Finish by pouring into the cup while straining


Efficacy 3: Drinking Hojicha and getting a beautiful skin!

Vitamin C is indispensable for beautiful skin. Hojicha contains 5 times more vitamin C than lemon.

Vitamin C is easy to break due to heat, but vitamin C in Hojicha is also strong against heat!


Effects leading to beautiful skin are as follows

· Spot prevention

· Restore skin elasticity and tension

· Suppress inflammation and prevents acne

· Suppress sebum secretion. Pore becomes less conspicuous


Why don’t you try Hojicha Jelly to make you realize the beautiful skin effect of Hojicha?

With collagen of gelatin you can transform into beautiful skin!

Efficacy 4: Mouthwash to drink! How to prevent tooth decay and bad breath with Hojicha

It is no longer a minimum etiquette to care about bad breath.

What if bad breath countermeasures can only be done by drinking Hojicha?

In fact, polyphenols contained in Hojicha have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath!

If you can sterilize in the mouth with Hojicha it will also be to prevent tooth decay and fluoride effective for caries prevention is also included in Hojicha so synergistic effect can be expected! It is!

As for the timing of drinking Hojicha for bad breath prevention, it is good when you have thirsty, before meals and after meals.

When you feel “I am hungry”, bad breath tends to be strong, so please try to drink Hojicha often!

Efficacy 5: Detox diet with drinking Hojicha!

Catechin contained in Hojicha has a function not to accumulate body fat.

It is said that fat consuming enzymes in the liver and muscle are activated by drinking Hojicha and ingesting catechin.

When this fat consuming enzyme is activated, it becomes easy to burn fat and consume it as energy.

Various supplements including high concentrations of catechin are not only limited to Japan, but also in Europe and the United States.

How about a selfish diet of ‘no troublesome exercise’ using such indication of Hojicha is realized? The The way is very easy.



Method of Hojicha detox diet

Drink Hojicha when you wake up in the morning

The intestines will be effected by a good stimulation, the bowel movements improved, the circumference around the stomach was refreshing!

Drink one cup of Hojicha before bathing

Sweating is encouraged and discharged extra thing accumulated in the body with sweat.

Drink a cup of Hojicha after bathing

Please hydrate the moisture lost by sweating


By activating metabolism, the original function of the body recovers, so you can gradually change to a constitution that is easy to lose weight.

Efficacy 6: How to drink Hojicha to maximize antioxidant effect of anti-aging

Anti-aging is to prevent or improve aging by suppressing the cause of body rust.

Aging is that the body progresses by being oxidized! The oxidation of the body = that the body rust.

Hojicha is effective as an anti-aging method to stop oxidation that causes aging.

Catechin contained in Hojicha contains antioxidant action, as well as vitamin E which exerts its effect on antioxidant.

In order to keep you youthful, why do not you start with a cup of Hojicha in the morning?

Efficacy 7: It is safe to know. Estimated intake of Hojicha per day

It is Hojicha full of nice effects for detoxification on skin and anti-aging. But, what you care about how much you can drink per a day.

The amount of caffeine contained in Hojicha is 20 mg / 100 ml, which is a small amount of 1/3 of coffee.  But how much can you drink per a day?  I will introduce a guide converted from caffeine intake allowance per day.


Estimated intake of bamboo tea per day

  • Adult: 2,000 ml

※ Caffeine intake allowance per day: 400 mg

  • Pregnant women: 1,500 ml

※ Caffeine intake allowance per day: 300 mg

Drink Hojicha when you wake up in the morning


If we say 2,000 ml of adult intake standard, it is the same amount as 2 L. PET bottle so it is okay to drink Hojicha instead of water!

However, if you take caffeine with other foods or drinks, you need to control the amount of drinking Hojicha correspondingly, so please be careful.

Well, how about “Just drink it works for a tired mind and body!  Seven wonderful indications of Hojicha “?

The more you learn about Hojicha, the more you know that the non-negligible effects are hidden.

we can’t help drinking Hojicha which can expect various health effects and beautiful skin effect.

From today, let ‘s get Hojicha, which is reasonable and easy to drink, well into our everyday life!


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