Live in Kyoto 

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I’ve lived in Kyoto for 10 months.  I’m originally from Hyogo. Hyogo Prefecture is next to Kyoto Prefecture.  I think some people have heard of Kobe beef. Kobe beef comes from Kobe City. Kobe City is city of Hyogo prefecture.  Though I don’t know how many people know Kobe meaning, at least my friend didn’t know it.  So I was saying definitely KOBE IS CITY NAME. Actually I didn’t know Kobe beef is well known in the US before I’ve visited.  I’ve seen many Japanese foods at supermarket like HEB.  A lot of Japanese foods have been exported to the world since 10 years ago.  I think especially Ramen and Sushi have spread over the US in an instant. But I thought they were a little different taste from Japanese ramen or sushi when I had them at restaurant.  Their taste may be changed like fitting American people or had to change their taste.  I guess international foods will gradually change the taste each country.  If that’s true, Japanese green tea may change something new taste.  I think it has already started changing.  Because American people put some sugar into green tea. (I don’t know anything about other countries though) When I saw it for first time, I remember that I got surprised.  But I was trying to drink a Japanese green tea with sugar.  It was awesome. It made a good combination in my month.  It was like bitter or sweet or… I can’t put it into the words, but it was good.  I hope you find a new taste of green tea and have fun with your friend or family. Wish Japanese green tea spread over the US more than expected.


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