A Relaxing Time With Roasted Tea

As you probably know, almost all Japanese people drink tea on a daily basis, and there are many kinds of tea we love. Today, let us focus on Roasted Tea (Houji-cha); one of the most popular kinds that young and old Japanese people drink.Like other kinds, roasted tea has a lot of benefits that make you want to drink it every day. Well there are too many to mention, let me just talk about some of its relaxing effects this time.



Roasted tea, as the name describes, is a tea made with roasted tea leaves. During the process of roasting, sugar and amino acid synthesize and create a gorgeous toasty flavor which produces a substance called Pyrazine. Pyrazine helps your brain relax, and stimulate the circulation of blood. Technically, you can feel relaxed by just smelling the aroma of roasting tea. I wouldn’t waste my great roasted tea not drinking it though…


Less caffeine

Many people are concerned about how much caffeine they take. They should be because too much caffeine might have some negative effects on a human body, especially on pregnant women and their fetuses. Roasted tea does have caffeine but it has much less of it  compared to other teas such as black tea or some types of green tea. You still need to be careful not to take it too much, but everyone can enjoy its relaxing flavor even before going to bed. Hot roasted tea helps thermoregulation and helps you sleep well, without the influence of caffeine.


Vitamin C

You may be surprised to know that roasted tea has 5 times the Vitamin C as the amount contained in a lemon. Vitamin C, not only does it help you prevent g a cold and clear your skin, but also helps you relieve stress.  Drinking roasted tea makes you healthy inside and out.


Why don’t you start taking our roasted tea in the morning and at night? You probably won’t feel the difference right away but you will have some quality time!