SAKURA; Cherry Blossom Time in Japan

sakura pic  What reminds you of SAKURA? SAKURA is a Japanese word of cherry blossoms in English. This fabulous SAKURA is not just a flower. It bring us, of course,the arrival of Spring, but also a good time with others.

  One of the method of enjoying SAKURA is HANAMI. HANAMI means the cherry blossom viewing and begins in the day and often last into the night. Sometimes with many people like a picnic party under cherry blossom flowers. You can say that the day beverage for HANAMI is Green Tea like Matcha. Just imagine, it is a shining day and you are sitting on wooden chair outside. And holding a bowl of Matcha under the full bloom cherry blossom. On the other hand, night one might be SAKE, Japanese alcohol. At night, It is easy to know the timing of the blooming through the cherry-blossom forecast online or TV.

  How is your spring plan going on this year? Follow the cherry-blossom front throughout Japan? Or enough time for HANAMI with your precious people? Let’s chill out!

Yuya Shibata -CEO, Wabi・Sabi, Inc.