Bottled Tea is good for health, Bottled or Sencha?


Hello, Folks.

Lately, bottled tea has been getting popular in the world. We are very happy to know that. 

The difference between bottled tea and home-brewed tea?

The answer is “Yes”.

They are the difference between taste/flavor and nutrition component concentration. Bottled tea is a good tea. But the concentration of bottled tea is lower than brewed tea.

Some of the people may think bottled tea is good for a diet. Certainly, a green tea promotes fat-burning. But bottled tea doesn’t have it very much.

If you want to be on a diet with bottled tea, you have to drink it over 5 bottles a day. 

In Japan, most people have bottled tea. So it is said that they don’t know real green tea’s taste/flavor.

If your friends say that they have had instant coffee but they never have ground coffee.

Coffee lovers will understand what it means. 

If you want to feel real green tea flavor, please drink brewed green tea. Please compare bottled tea with brewed tea. You could see from totally a different way. 

What’s the differece between brewed tea and bottled tea?

Let’s see nutrition component.

Bottled Tea

bottled-tea-1 bottled-tea-2 bottled-tea-3

・ Asp 11.9 μg

・ EGC 74.8 μg

・ Caffeine 111 μg

・ Theanine 42.7 μg

・ Glu 3.1 μg

・ Vitamin C 236 μg

Sencha (Brewed Tea)


・ Asp 35.7 μg

・ EGC 579 μg

・ Caffeine 439 μg

・ Theanine 241 μg

・ Glu 50.5 μg

・ Vitamin C 141 μg


Only Vitamin C Bottled tea is 1.6 times as much as brewed tea. Beacause bottled tea contains an additive Vitamin C. An additive is not good for health. Thus, bottled tea seems not to contain nourighment. Only a cup of Sencha makes you relax and is good for health. Please try to taste our WabiSabi Sencha instead of bottled tea and compare our product and bottled tea.

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