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fragrance ★★★★★
taste ★★★★★

Excellent for special occassions!
Containing the highest amount of L-theanine in our Matcha,
responsible for the best UMAMI taste.


Ingredients Green Tea Leaves
Company Wabi・Sabi,Inc.
Country of origin Uji-shi,Kyoto Prefecture,Japan

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“The tea of tea ceremonies – synonymous with subdued refinement”

Matcha is grown in the shade just like gyokuro, but after the leaves are steamed, rather than being kneaded, the dried “tencha” is ground into a powder on a grindstone. Besides being used in ritual tea ceremonies, the powder is also a common ingredient in sweets. Matcha is mainly produced in Uji, Kyoto. Matcha has everything you could want in a tea with its combination of sweetness, savoriness, and bitterness. Since the leaves are consumed as well, it is also a good source of vitamin C, fiber, and other nutrients found in tea leaves.

・・・・ABOUT RANK・・・・

For the frequently-asked questions about the grade A~S, each grade is mainly defined by “Production area x Tea farmer x Crop quality in the season”.

Tea fairs are held in Japan and the tea grades such as aroma, a liquid color degree of a leaf color, and flavor in each season are decided as comprehensive evaluation by the most professional among professionals. Thus, please understand that the grade A~S can be decided in order from the best for each season. There is no grading system by light-steam, normal-steam, and deep-steam as often mentioned. Instead, normal-steam primarily created by Souen Nagatani is original as green tea. Because a tea processed for deep-steamed tea was not a good quality tea due to a strong taste of bitterness and astringency, a deep-steamed production process was developed. As indicated by the Japanese word “WabiSabi”, the pronounced flavor of green tea (even a plain-flavor appearance like a local cuisine of Kyoto) will be preferred in Uji as a main tea growing center.

As described above, since a tea quality does not depend on production process (e.g. Level of steam), it is not always true that a tea would be good if paying for higher value so determining a tea quality can definitely be difficult without a distinguishing insight for tea contents. It will be the best if our insight with the Uji history can assist you to absolutely select and enjoy a delicious tea.


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2 Reviewes for “MatchaAAA”

I am a big fan of matcha. For first time I bought matcha here. There are 3 grades for matcha. Triple A matcha is the best grade they have. It was very expensive for me. But taste is awesome, smooth and clear. I make fresh smoothies every morning. It’s very energy!


Wabisabi Matcha tea is an awesome powder made from ground green tea leaves that creates a delicious and energizing tea! It’s so easy to prepare and is just delightful when paired with a little bit of honey and some fresh cream. I don’t know wabisabi means actually. But it is very wabisabi! The matcha is very invigorating and creates a very nice calming and stimulative effect that I just love. It’s also great to mix into smoothies to add some delicious green tea flavor. I’ve got some amazing recipes from wabisabi! I’m definitely hooked :) Unfortunately, they are a little bit expensive. It’s worth it, though!


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