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fragrance ★★
taste ★★
Astringency ★★★
color ★★★
shape ★★

Containing Cathechin, responsible for Sencha’s astringency.
The strongest astrigent in our Sencha, but GOOD VALUE!



Ingredients Green Tea Leaves
Company Wabi・Sabi,Inc.
Country of origin Uji-shi,Kyoto Prefecture,Japan

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“Sencha Japan’s hallmark tea, born in Uji, Kyoto”

Dominating over 70% of Japanese tea consumption, sencha (green-leaf tea) is the hallmark tea of Japan. It is created through a process of picking, steaming, kneading, and drying tea leaves that have been grown in natural sunlight. The first-grade tea picked from late April through early May is a top quality product boasting an exquisite taste and fragrance. Fukamushi-cha (deep-steamed green tea) is popular for it’s milder taste, the bitterness having been subdued by a longer steaming process.

・・・・ABOUT RANK・・・・

For the frequently-asked questions about the grade A~S, each grade is mainly defined by “Production area x Tea farmer x Crop quality in the season”.

Tea fairs are held in Japan and the tea grades such as aroma, a liquid color degree of a leaf color, and flavor in each season are decided as comprehensive evaluation by the most professional among professionals. Thus, please understand that the grade A~S can be decided in order from the best for each season. There is no grading system by light-steam, normal-steam, and deep-steam as often mentioned. Instead, normal-steam primarily created by Souen Nagatani is original as green tea. Because a tea processed for deep-steamed tea was not a good quality tea due to a strong taste of bitterness and astringency, a deep-steamed production process was developed. As indicated by the Japanese word “WabiSabi”, the pronounced flavor of green tea (even a plain-flavor appearance like a local cuisine of Kyoto) will be preferred in Uji as a main tea growing center.

As described above, since a tea quality does not depend on production process (e.g. Level of steam), it is not always true that a tea would be good if paying for higher value so determining a tea quality can definitely be difficult without a distinguishing insight for tea contents. It will be the best if our insight with the Uji history can assist you to absolutely select and enjoy a delicious tea.


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4 Reviewes for “SenchaA”

If you want a good sencha and you're on a budget than this is the one for you. As the producer himself already stated, it's a bit more astringent due to higher level of catehins (and it's the way it should be if you're drinking sencha primarily for health reasons). Tea leaves presentation is beautiful. Very nice and fresh green colour. Brew as recommended. Infusions after the first one (which I found to be mild) will be more astringent (especially the second one). Aroma is grassy and fresh, a bit woody as well. Overall a good sencha.

Aleksandar Kovač

This tea is a wonderful Sencha from Japan. Several times I have purchased the cheaper green teas hoping to find one which was flavorful and fresh. This is the first one that not only met my expectations but exceeded them. A second bag has been purchased and is being enjoyed.

Olivia M.

What a deal! Awesome value AND an awesome tea. Much more robust than a traditional green tea, as gunpowder teas ought to be, with a slightly smokey flavor. I don’t know what grade it is, but what matters is that it's delicious. Don't hesitate.


I’ve been ordering this tea and think it tastes fantastic. And I hope it is doing good things for my insides.


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