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Matcha Latte Powder


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if you would like to make Matcha Latte;

use “Matcha latte powder” and milk.
Extra Matcha tea powder is not necessary!

“Matcha latte powder” is our special blend product with Matcha and sugar.


Sugar for Matcha
Ingredients wabisabi original green sugar
Company Wabi・Sabi,Inc.
Country of origin Uji-shi,Kyoto Prefecture,Japan

How to Matcha Latte

15 g (1/2 oz) Matcha Latte Powder 100 mL (3 and 1/3 oz) fresh milk (Any milk of your choice. Almond milk, soy milk, half&half etc.)

  1. Warm up milk for about 1 min in a microwave.
  2. Dissolve Matcha Latte Powder in a small amount of milk from step 1.
  3. Froth step 1. (milk frother recommended)
  4. Pour step 3 into step 2.

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“matcha latte powder”

This juice is called “green tea” in Japan, but we at WabiSabi call it “Sugar For Matcha.” This “Sugar For Matcha” is a WabiSabi original product, and just adding a teaspoon of Sugar For Matcha to 60 cc of Matcha results in a sweet and delicious Matcha drink. Sugar For Matcha is delicious even if you mix it with mineral water. And that is not all! You can also mix it with milk to make milk Matcha green tea, which is an ideal drink for hot days, and girls and mothers who like baking can enjoy the challenge of using it as an ingredient for homemade sweets. This is a magical powder that will add a “WabiSabi taste” to daily foods and drinks depending on your inspiration!



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1 Review for “Matcha Latte Powder”

Really delicious, highly recommended!


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