The Fashion Style When to Pluck Tea Leaves 100 Years Ago

  05df76503b967fa7b16181e09b7dc30d9c151e39You can tell how Japanese women have changed in dressing style from this picture.
  The picture shows that expert pickers in Kimonos were picking tea leaves by hands on a hillside tea plantation in Uji, Kyoto 100 years ago. They were in Kimonos, wearing towels on their head and their sleeves pulled with cords.
  In recent decades, mechanized plucking is the nationwide way to save time and labor cost. However, Uji Green Tea cannot be the same. Experts choose only baby leaves which leave freshness, except old leaves or stem. They cannot be compared to plucking by machines.
  Unfortunately, hand-picking is tough work so experts can only pluck leaves 10kg per person a day. The start of the tea harvest is in April or May. Around this season, many temporary labors come to Uji for help. Even though hand-picking leaves are expensive to drink, it is worth trying for sure!
Yuya Shibata -CEO, Wabi・Sabi, Inc.