The Perfect Time for the First Picked Tea of This Year




  May is the season of “Shincha,” the first picked tea of this year. At Uji area, Shincha harvest has already started and will continue for several weeks.

  A tea tree stores up special nutrients during cold winter, and when spring comes, fresh leaves that contain a lot of nourishment and more moisture grow up. That means the flavor is very fresh and aromatic. The perfect timing to pluck by skilled hands gives mellower and smoother flavor and aroma; bitter and more grass aroma for the second picked tea or the third. Those leaves become Shincha.

  At those area, Shincha has appeared in the market around July and people enjoy its fresh aroma and taste. Tea events are held in Kyoto to celebrate for Shincha and of course, evaluate the quality in each year.

  I, a master in the art of tea, choose the special blended tea leaves for our product Wabi・Sabi. Thus, we provide the high quality UJI Green Tea to the world to experience the authentic UJI TEA at their home.

  Now, our products are ready for having you drinking at your home!!


Yuya Shibata-CEO, Wabi・Sabi, Inc.