The Right Kyusu Teapot for the Right Occasion


  This page helps when you choose the right Kyusu Teapot.

  By the way, how many shoes do you have? Leather shoes for work, running shoes for jog, flip flops for beach… and more…? We guess that you have various types of shoe in your shoes closet. Same as shoes, depending on kinds of Japanese Green Tea or occasion, it is better to use different Kyusu to brew in each situation.

  While you don’t have enough knowledge about tea, just keep a standard Kyusu for daily use. After you develop the tea experience, why don’t you get the right Kyusu for the right occasion?


  • Occasion 1: How many people to serve?

     1.  About three people      300cc (10oz) size Kyusu

     2.  About five people       450cc (15oz) size Kusu

     3.  For meeting or party    800-1000cc (27-33oz) size Kusu


  • Occasion 2: What kind of Japanese Green Tea to drink?





For Gyokuro or Hight quality Sencha

– Touki-Chakoshi Kyusu












For Hojicha or Bancha 

– Dobin

  Thick and large size Kyusu for hot tea










For Fukamushi or Konacha like powdery tea 

– Ami-Chakoshi Kyusu











For Premium Green Tea

–  Houhin (Handle-less Kyusu)

   Since you brew Gyokuro or Premium Green Tea at lower temperature (50-60℃), Kyusu doesn’t need to have a handle.






  • Occasion 3: Tea Beginner or Just you would like to enjoy Tea everyday / may times a day




Lidless Kyusu 

We sell this type of Kyusu so that you get started to brew Japanese Green Tea or have a cup of Tea easily.