The Uji Festival


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I went to the Uji Tea Festival last Sunday.  This festival strated over 80 years, and is held in October every year in Uji riverside.  The purpose of the festival is to pray for the continued prosperity of Ujicha andto commemorate the three great men who ushered in and developed the tea industry of Uji: Zen Master Eisai who brought the first tea seeds from China.  High Priest Myoe who planted the seeds at Uji, and Rikyu Sen who pursued the art of tea ceremony to its utmost refinement.  The picture shows New Tea used to be carried to House of Shogun in Tokyo from Kyoto.  The number of international tourist especially from Europe or North Ameri has increased past few years.  There is Byodoin Temple which is registered as a World Heritage site and are lots of green tea house in Uji. Uji is located about 10km south of Kyoto downtown, so while visiting Kyoto, stop by Uji!!!


Yuya Shibata -CEO, Wabi・Sabi, Inc.