Wabi・Sabi Opens

It has been nearly a century since my great grandfather started to manufacture and sell green tea at Uji. It is now inherited by my relatives. My grandmother used to sell tea too, and since she was the one who took care of me, I was grown up in a warehouse fully filled with the scent of tea.

Nowadays, Japanese tea is well favored in the world, but I have set up a website specialized in Uji tea for the world to find more about our tea than just calling them as Japanese tea.

Very similar to wine which shows different characteristics by its production district such as Bordeaux or Bourgogne, Japanese tea characteristics also differs by the production districts. Uji is located near the ancient city of Kyoto and has a history over 800years. It is one of the best quality tea brand production district with a landscape perfectly suitable for growing tea and also is a birthplace of Sencha, Gyokuro, and Matcha. Most of the Japanese cultures known to the world today were developed in Edo era which did not experience any war in 270 years. In Edo era, Uji tea was the only qualified tea in Japan to be presented to the Edo Shogun family to drink, and it is still technologically developing with a wide variety of tea types up to now.

When I was a student, I had a strong independent spirit and was interested in business administration. After graduating from university, I started up a cleaning service company. And now, I am setting a WabiSabi site with my colleagues for the people worldwide to enjoy the healthy and traditional Uji tea which is very familiar to me from the childhood.

I will continue maintaining the user-friendly website where customers can easily purchase the products and know more about Uji-tea’s benefits and high quality. I hope more people around the world enjoy drinking “Uji-tea”.

Yuya Shibata –CEO, WabiSabi, Inc.